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Alright. Here’s a newly updated site consolidating some of my work. That, and to notify you of a new album I’ve recorded this year for the annual RPM Challenge. I have to thank Elling, who runs the worldwide thrill ride out of NL, for keeping me on a steady goal every year since 2009. It’s the one thing grounding me in music creation every year. That said, these past number of years have been a struggle for many artists to get by, and thanks in part to sites like Bandcamp, independent music is getting heard and supported when it’s needed most. Today happens to be Bandcamp Friday, so it’s a great opportunity to listen to something new and exciting and help the world’s arts community. And with 500+ RPM releases in 2022, you’re sure to find something fresh out there. Insert shameless plug: my album puts together a few noisier ambient ideas (in decidedly shorter slices), and caps off another busy February I spent joining the Black Auks for their RPM improv and a last-hour Former Eraser jaunt. Add to that a los beatniko Night Music Online performance with strange video feed, and you can say that I put my all into the month. You can find Place Of Extremes & Comfort on my Bandcamp page. Do enjoy it; I enjoyed creating it. There are many more people out there making beautiful art, and if you want to begin the year in a small but meaningful way, support the artists you like however you can.

Rick (los beatniko)

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