Hot Plates!

The Kid was burnin’ at the closing night of the Lawnya Vawnya Festival, which may be the reason there were oven mitts for sale at the merch table.  I’m speaking of Eric San, a.k.a. Kid Koala, who I’ve been anticipating for weeks.  I’ve long been a fan of this unconventional turntablist, and quite frankly the guy’s a wizard. So it was fantastic to see him perform in my hometown, to a packed house.  And being a fan, I managed to get a few snaps and vids of the moment.  And the best part was the fact that I took with me my copy of his new record, 12 bit Blues, got his autograph, had a nice conversation, and gave him some of my music, too.  That made my night.  He’s a super nice guy, and gave me some cool things to think about.  I may end up in Montreal yet.  Regardless, it is really satisfying as an artist to get the chance to see others who have influenced your own creations.  Other performers who have done it their own way, and are successful with their art.  And having fun with it.  Smile.


It’s worth it to wait until the end of the night…

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