Make Work 2013!

Here’s my welcome post.  I’ve finally taken the step into WordPress land, with the intention of immersing myself in the blogosphere.  I write exceptionally well, and should be doing more with the aid of a less tedious blog.  I’d also like to integrate some personal and professional design efforts, as well as music.  Let’s just see if I can stay tech savvy and throw the promotional life-preserver out there.  I’ll try to cover as much ground as I can, because I have many interests, and make some work for myself.  Hence the image attached.  This blog will be the continuation of my developing more online presence, and quite possibly an online portfolio for future endeavors.  Much more to follow.  Updates will be precise and hopefully with frequency.  So plug in yr headphones, and start getting “freq-y”!  I’ll get back to ya soon…

Art IS work this year.